youth-driven movement against bullying

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We believe that school should be more than just a safe place for learning. All young people deserve access to respect, acceptance, creative expression & real leadership opportunities - regardless of their social label, popularity, sexuality or cultural background.

PROJECT ROCKIT empowers young people to stand up & lead change - in school, online & beyond. We use the issue of bullying as a vehicle to explore other issues like fitting in, being different, values & ethics, building empathy & connection. Young people are the experts, so we work with them to come up with safe, cool, & credible strategies to stand up to bullying, on & offline.

School Workshops

Since 2006, We’ve been sending fellow charismatic, relatable young people into schools to deliver interactive, cool workshops that are designed to tackle (cyber)bullying, build empathy and develop social leadership.


PROJECT ROCKIT serve as key advisers to government & corporates, developing company-endorsed strategies for dealing with (cyber)bullying and delivering youth-driven campaigns that help create a safer (and more awesome!) online world.

Online Curriculum

Our Aussie-first online workshops provide young people with a rich multimedia world of learning, capturing unbiased data around student awareness that provide teachers meaningful insights into school cultures.

Mobile App

Thanks to the support of the Telstra Foundation, Communications Technology company ProjectProject and some seriously cutting-edge technology, we’re currently developing a first-of-its-kind app helping young people spread compassion and kindness when they need it most.