What do young people REALLY think about the online world?

Our 14,387 Digital Ambassadors shared their thoughts in our Pulse Report

Posted on December 14, 2021 by PROJECT ROCKIT

“Being a Digital Ambassador means doing what’s right – shutting down bullying, standing up for people and supporting ideas that I agree with. As a Digital Ambassador it’s my job to make the internet a safer healthier place, because everyone is beautiful in their own way and deserves to feel good about themselves, others and the world.”

One of the exciting things we got to work on this year was PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors (powered by Meta/Facebook and Instagram)! The program aimed to unite thousands of school students all over Australia to use their online power for good. Throughout 2021 the program trained 14,387 Year 7 and 9 students across the country as Digital Ambassadors (!!!!!) and in the middle of a global pandemic, we got to hear what young people really think about the online world.

Utilising a digital adaptation approach to support schools in 2021, our Digital Ambassadors online workshops captured real-time data illustrating how young people are currently engaging with digital technology, how they really felt about the online world throughout remote learning and the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns and how they felt about using their online power for good after Digital Ambassadors.

After attending the Digital Ambassadors events we discovered that:

And when it came to the past year of spending more time online than ever students told us that the online world actually played a really big role in where they felt comfortable speaking out and how they were able to stay connected:

When it came to their concerns about social media and the impact on young people, students named their top four issues and the things they wanted to see more positive messaging and action being taken on.

So what do we do with these learnings?

We commit to supporting young people tackle these issues in 2022 and beyond. Young people are online now more than ever and it’s time to listen to them and support them in getting the skills to use their online power for good.


PROJECT ROCKIT is a proudly youth-driven social enterprise dedicated to uniting young people against (cyber)bullying.  PROJECT ROCKIT is endorsed by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider. Data presented in this report has been collected through participation in Digital Ambassadors online workshops, de-identified and stored securely.