3 TikTok tools if you're experiencing online hate

Here's what we learned from teaming up with TikTok

Posted on September 22, 2021

The online A screenshot of a TikTok video. PROJECT ROCKIT presenter Fatima is holding the camera in selfie mode and is looking into the camera. A purple caption on-screen reads "3 things to know if you're experiencing bullying."world is pretty wild, right? We can access so much information in seconds, connect with our friends from anywhere in the world and we can rally people to take positive action on social issues. It’s pretty incredible. But, like a famous superhero once said – with great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes people make bad choices online.

First up, if you’ve ever experienced some sort of online hate or bullying we want to say we’re sorry. It’s not your fault and it’s really unfair. 

You’re also not alone.

We’ve all been in a situation where someone has made us feel uncomfortable online or we’ve come across something someone has said or posted that doesn’t sit well with us or is just not okay.


So, what do we do if we see this stuff happen and we’re not comfortable with it? 

PROJECT ROCKIT has teamed up with TikTok Australia to get a better sense of what we can do when we come across online hate and what tools are available if we are on the receiving end ourselves. In addition to our presenters attending a workshop with TikTok’s Trust & Safety team, we’ve also created a series of videos promoting ways we can spread kindness online and upskill you with the safety tools to tackle online hate and cyberbullying – you can check them out over at our TikTok @projectrockit 

We learnt HEAPS from TikTok about the ways we can take back the power when we see something go down, so we wanted to break down their top tips  for safely navigating the app.

What can we do when we experience it, or see this happen on TikTok?

  1. We can block and report the person

    We know we get told this all the time, but blocking and reporting someone really is the fastest and easiest way to get support online – it’s also the safest because we’re able to do this confidentially. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out this step-by-step guide.

    A screenshot of a TikTok video. PROJECT ROCKIT presenter Gian is holding the camera in selfie-mode and is mid-sentence. Down the bottom, the title of the videos reads "3 things you can do if you're being bullied or trolled online"

  2. Control your comments

    You actually have the option to restrict your video comments to no one, just friends or everyone, or you can filter them so you take back the power and decide what appears on your videos. When it’s enabled, comments aren’t displayed unless you approve them. Another handy feature is that you can delete or report multiple comments at once if someone is spamming you. You can learn more about this feature HERE.

  3.  Choose kindness

    We love this one – did you know TikTok actually has an in-built feature that prompts people to reconsider the impact of their words before posting a comment that might be inappropriate or unkind? It also allows people to edit the comments before sharing. You can read more about it HERE.

    A screenshot of a TikTok video. PROJECT ROCKIT presenter Jayde is standing in front of the camera. There is a purple title that reads "supporting friends" and she is pointing to "what not to say" in red text, and "what to say" in green text

So there’s actually HEAPS we can do when we see someone copping online hate, or we’re on the receiving end. Remember, these tools are there to be used and keep us safe so we can keep on enjoying random cat videos. 

A screenshot of a TikTok video. PROJECT ROCKIT presenter is frozen midframe with their hand in front of their face. A light green caption onscreen reads "Calling someone in versus calling someone out".

And lastly, if you’re being impacted by online hate or bullying, we’re sorry. It’s not a reflection on you and you deserve support. While these tools are designed to help keep you safe on the platform, make sure you reach out to a friend for support. You don’t deserve to go through this alone and there is always support available.

Happy scrolling 📲

If you want to learn more about what TikTok are doing to prevent online bullying, head over to TikTok’s Safety Centre

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